Benefits of Including Multiple Vendor Options in Kitchen Design Quotes

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When it comes to designing a kitchen that will meet your customer’s expectations in terms of cost and efficiency, providing several equipment options from multiple vendors is extremely important. This process allows you to explore the different selections available, and to get the best possible price for your design.

If you tend to stick with the same vendor for every project, you may miss out on opportunities to get a better deal for your customer, as well as the chance to establish a connection to another vendor who could introduce you to a whole new line of products you might use in future projects.

In the words of Luke Green, a contract and design specialist here at Rapids:

“[Offering a range of alternatives] helps us open the spec up to three or more manufacturers with whom we have a good rapport so we can get the best possible price…[but] we also can’t go too far and need to make sure we’re taking all the specified pieces in consideration to ensure the design still works well.”

For more tips on putting together a kitchen/foodservice design quote that expertly incorporates both budget and quality equipment, read Eight Ways to Meet in the Middle by Amelia Levin at Foodservice Equipment & Supplies.

Luke Green

Luke Green

Contract & Design Specialist