Rapids/FEDA President Joe Schmitt: The Question is Just as Important as the Answer


Food for Thought…

When facing the obstacles posed by the rapidly-changing foodservice industry on your business, it can be easy to turn your focus inward and start immediately looking for answers. However, by skipping over the query and going straight to the solution, you may be overlooking vital components.

Rapids President Joe Schmitt certainly believes this, and the issues he urges fellow dealers and supplier partners to address can be summed up in just one question:

“What would be missed if dealers, we who are so critically situated between the manufacturer and the end user, were not here?”

This question should of course be broken down, and each of the services you provide should be analyzed. There are many essential roles that the dealer plays between the manufacturer and the customer. Tasks such as handling incorrectly built products or attending construction meetings to ensure proper electrical and mechanical connections are being included onsite are just a few of the plethora of responsibilities that the dealer performs. If we aren’t there to do these things, to whom do they fall?

Read his full thoughts and learn more about what services our customers would surely miss if we were no longer in the marketplace in the January/February 2018 edition of FEDA News & Views.