Sponsoring Future Foodservice Entrepreneurs at the 2018 Iowa ProStart Invitational

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Each year, the ProStart Invitational is held by Prostart, a two-year educational program focused on providing the experience, skills, and connections future chefs and restaurants owners need to succeed in this volatile field. This competition is held at both the state and national levels, and gives students the opportunities to show off their skills, meet with industry leaders, and win thousands of dollars in scholarships.

There are two main categories at this event – Culinary and Management. The culinary contest requires students to wow with a 3-course meal (created in just an hour!) and includes critiquing on skills such as safety, recipe development, and more. Students taking part in the management competition have to put together an idea for a restaurant, then present it to the judges the way they would potential investors.

Rapids was the Awards Ceremony Sponsor at the state-level event for Iowa, which took place Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 in Des Moines. We are proud to do our part to encourage the growth and expansion of the foodservice industry.

Way to go future chef’s!

Rapids’ Eric Schmitt and Kathy Trca pictured with second-place winners of the Culinary Competition.