Casey Saari - Contract & Design Specialist

How long have you been with Rapids?
Since 1/21/18

What was your favorite project? Why?
I would have to say right now Graduate Hotel because this will be my first project where I will be on from start to finish. From QCing the bid and submittal, to sending the PO’s, to following up on Po’s and eventually the installation/completion.

What was your most challenging project? Why?
With being a new hire I have been bouncing around from project to project to help where assistance is needed. Each project has had its own small snag here and there but nothing world shattering, thankfully.

What was your solution?
Attention to detail. Being thorough with the process and not leaving something up for “chance” that a process will be handled by others outside of our office once relayed by us. Communication with customer, manufacturer and most importantly with our own team are vital to the process.

Name some of your other previous projects.
With just getting my feet into the landscape of work here at Rapids I have been involved in many of the projects with helping out with anything that needs attention/assistance. Prairie High School, Newton High School, Bryant Elementary, The Views Assisted Living along with multiple others I have helped in the process in some way.

What do you like to do on a Sunday afternoon?
Slow pitch softball, working around the yard on the acreage, or just spending the day in the section of our shed that was made into an entertaining spot/bar having a few adult sodas. Come NFL season, every Sunday is spent in those quarters, Go Seahawks!

If we gave you next week off, what would you do with your time?
If it’s not winter, lots of work to get done around the acreage. Chopping trees and clearing brush most definitely. Finally clearing a path in our timber for our Ranger so it can reach the end of our property, been putting it off for over a year and would really come in handy come firewood season. Bonfires, beverages and kiddo time of course as well. If during winter, probably firing up the word burning stove in the entertainment spot/bar in our shed and mixing records on my turntables would occur.

What was your last “oh my god this is perfect” meal?
Just acquired my own smoker for my last birthday, that first time I totally nailed the process it was quite the euphoric experience. Otherwise a great Mexican dish paired with a Michelada or Japanese dish/sushi paired with a Sapporo is always ideal. Notice the importance of properly pairing the correct adult beverage with every meal.

What is your best dish?
Smoked Pork Loin/Shoulder.

Phone: 319.373.7287

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