Food Truck and Mobile Catering Operations Design Consultation

In-Depth Mobile Food Truck Design

Unfortunately, distributing delectable goods to an eager crowd using a food truck is not as simple as it sounds. Ensuring you have the right permits (which vary by state, county, and city), as well as creating a design that is functional and meets the needs of a food truck (using LP instead of natural gas for many appliances) can be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have professional experience.

Get a food truck designer that has years of experience and the ability to manage all of the important factors by coming to Rapids Contract & Design.

Dedicated Catering Commercial Kitchen Layout Services

When it comes to your catering business, we know your focus is on delivering delicious food your customers will love. The health department, on the other hand, has different priorities. In order to legally cater food, you need a commercial catering kitchen that meets all of the health department requirements. These include using NSF approved equipment, having adequate ventilation and drainage, meeting electrical and plumbing requirements, and operating with food safety codes in mind.

That’s where the Rapids catering kitchen design team come in. They can take your budget, business plan, and space needs in combination with your personal preferences to put together a kitchen that will meet all of your needs and all of the health code requirements.

The Food Truck and Catering Kitchen Design Services You Need, All in One Place:

Equipment and smallwares fulfillment – Rapids Contract & Design can handle everything from selection and arrangement to sourcing and installation of all of the necessary equipment in your food truck or commercial catering kitchen design.

You can also get your smallwares using our Rapids Wholesale webstore. The online store offers everything from cutlery and chafers to bigger equipment like convection ovens and fryers.

Facility planning and layout – From concept development to computer aided design and drafting (CADD) schematics, the Rapids team will work with you to incorporate the various variables into a commercial catering kitchen or food truck design you will love. These variables include site, budget, functionality, sustainability, menu, equipment needs, your ideas, and more.

Handling local code requirements – Based on the specific regulations in place for your type of business, Rapids Contract & Design will address pertinent code issues by providing the documentation needed to ensure fast authorization.

Project management and coordination – The Rapids team will provide coordination plans for all electrical, plumbing, construction, and other vendors to ensure a smooth process from start to finish for your catering kitchen or food truck design build.

Money-saving design planning – Here at Rapids Contract & Design, we know it’s not enough to design a food truck or small commercial kitchen that just meets your functionality requirements. You also deserve a design that can help save you money over time; by working with Rapids to create a design solution that is certified by the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Program (LEED), you can save on many expenses and qualify for tax credits.

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