Nursing Home and Assisted Living Operations Design Consultations

Residents living at an assisted living or nursing care facility want a cafeteria and kitchen that make them feel like they aren’t stuck in a nursing home. At the same time, they also need a cafeteria and kitchen that can accommodate all of their physical and dietary needs.

When you put your trust in the foodservice design professionals at Rapids, you can rest assured both of these expectations will be included in the final design, creating a cafeteria space that is warm, welcoming, and efficient and a kitchen that can balance the demands of both serving customers in the cafe and in their rooms.

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Foodservice Design Services

Room service concept development – Unfortunately, there will always be some residents who are unable or unwilling to make it to the cafeteria for every meal. Therefore, it’s important that your kitchen design incorporates the unique setup required for efficient room service. From equipment to keep the food at an optimal temperature before serving to a system that will streamline the tray preparation and cleaning process, Rapids will take all of necessary components into account.

Innovative menu flexibility – Having a menu that offers plenty of meal and ordering choices can be a big perk for many potential residents looking for an assisted living home. Rapids will help make it easy to offer a la carte ordering, fresh and made-from-scratch food, and weekly or daily specials!

CADD design for your assisted living cafeteria – Your future kitchen can be visually accessible before the first stage of construction even starts with our computer-aided design and drafting. 3D walkthroughs are also available!

Interior design consulting for resident satisfaction – Whether you want to create a cafeteria that feels like a comfortable diner or a high-end restaurant, you can count on our LEED-certified interior designer to breath life into your vision and even incorporate energy-efficient elements!.

Nursing home kitchen design – Planning a kitchen for residents with dietary restrictions and weakened immune systems can be a challenge – one that Rapids is more than up for. We will work to construct an environment that allows for adjustable food preparation options, as well as reduces the risk of food-borne illness.

Project management and coordination – Communication is key to ensuring your project is completed as smoothly as possible. When you work with Rapids, you will have access to a team leader that will coordinate both the design process and the construction contractors, equipment vendors, and permitting officials to ensure construction compliance.

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