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What is a ghost kitchen? In the restaurant and food truck industry, a ghost kitchen can be a cost-effective way to soft launch a restaurant, expand a restaurant, or provide catering services. Ghost kitchens can be standalone kitchens making food for delivery or for catering, or they can create a new virtual location for an existing restaurant. Rapids Contract and Design assists restaurants and food truck owners in determining the feasibility of a ghost kitchen and assisting with every aspect of project management, CADD kitchen design, equipment procurement, and communication from the planning stages to the opening of your ghost kitchen.

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Prioritizing Efficient Workflow for Ghost Kitchens

Because there is no brick-and-mortar location involved, your reputation with customers will be based almost entirely on wait times and food quality. Therefore, an efficient workflow will be the most important factor for ghost kitchen and virtual kitchen design.

Trust the experts at Rapids Contract and Design to provide a streamlined kitchen with durable, energy-efficient equipment. We will create a highly efficient workflow for maximizing output, and we can show you the design via a 3-D rendering that takes you through the ghost kitchen before work begins.

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Types of Ghost Kitchens

Today’s foodservice industry recognizes three types of ghost kitchens with different purposes:

Standalone Ghost Kitchen

In the traditional ghost kitchen, customers order meals online, the restaurant prepares food in the ghost kitchen, and a delivery driver or service takes the food to customers. This space is dedicated to preparing meals from start to finish. There is no customer dining space. A pickup window or counter may be built to make it easy for paid drivers or a delivery service to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

Virtual Kitchen for Existing Restaurant

When a restaurant wants to expand its service area, a virtual ghost kitchen can be used to increase geographic reach. The ghost kitchen can be strategically located to serve a new area while preparing the same menu as a sit-down or casual dining restaurant.

Catering Ghost Kitchen

When food trucks or restaurants want to offer catering services, a catering ghost kitchen allows for greater volume of food preparation. It may also facilitate a broader menu by devoting more space to specialized equipment, such as convection ovens for baking cakes for weddings and other catered celebrations.

Complete Ghost Kitchen Design Services

The team at Rapids Contract and Design provides expertise in every aspect of designing and building kitchens of all sizes. From the planning stages to design walkthroughs, we know how to get a ghost kitchen operational in the shortest possible timeframe. Our experience purchasing, staging, and installing equipment and smallwares complements our commitment to constant communication and follow-through.

Let our project managers and LEED design consultant set you on a path to opening your ghost kitchen so you can begin a new chapter with your business. For more details about ghost kitchen design, contact us today.

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Mellow Mushroom Restaurant

Previous Work – Mellow Mushroom

When you think of complementary themes, the Iowa Hawkeyes and a space farm are probably not the first two that come into your head. However, after you visit the Mellow Mushroom in Coralville, you may just change your mind. The owners of this popular establishment managed to blend these two ideas seamlessly into a pizza place that can keep the whole family entertained. Check out the project to see:

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Get in touch with one of our experts and let us know how we can help with any of your foodservice needs.

Talk to one of our experts right away and get immediate assistance. We are open Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm CST.

Get in touch with one of our experts and let us know how we can help with any of your foodservice needs.

Talk to one of our experts right away and get immediate assistance. We are open Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm CST.