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Designing a kitchen and dining area out of the confines of a traditional restaurant setup requires creativity, foresight, and dedication. When you choose Rapids, you will work with a team that has all of these traits.

Grocery Store Foodservice Departments

Grocery stores no longer have to be content to just provide the ingredients for a meal – many are adding mini food courts in the form of delis, buffets and cafeterias. If this is something that you are interested in adding to your store, come to Rapids for complete design services.

If needed, our professionals will conduct a feasibility study: observing your store and providing feedback on the best location and setup for your dining area. Easy customer access and uninterrupted flow will be top of mind, so when your deli area is installed, customers will be able to effectively navigate the area without hindering those who are there just to do grocery shopping.

Mall Food Courts

Ensure enthusiastic shoppers and their reluctant companions find your food court welcoming and easy-to-traverse with help from Rapids.

One of the main focuses of all of our projects is communication, which is especially essential in a currently-functioning mall. You will work with a team leader who will handle communication with all vendors, contractors, and permit officials.

Not only that, but to set your mind at ease, you can look at your future food court before construction even starts with our CADD services and 3-D walkthrough options!

Community Markets/Food Halls

Food halls are increasingly being touted as the place to be for up-and-coming restaurant concepts and foods. They are a great place to test out a brand without having the massive commitment that is a restaurant.

Whether you are the owner of a food hall and want to create an overall space for people to rent or are a potential restauranteur who just purchased a share in a food hall, Rapids has the experience you need to build a flexible kitchen and dining area.

Fitting all of the kitchen equipment you need in a smaller space is a challenge Rapids is more than up for, and if you anticipate a lot of vendor sharing or change, adaptability will be a main component of the design.

Customer flow will also be considered, as each area of the community market should be easily accessible. And if you are interested in saving money, you will have access to our LEED-certified interior designer. She will work to incorporate energy-savings and ensure you qualify for tax credits.

An example of our work on a food hall is at Newbo, where we incorporated a fully functional teaching kitchen into an existing food hall for expanded functionality.

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