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Whether you’re designing a restaurant, bar, café, or school cafeteria, Rapids’ certified foodservice consultants are here to help. Our design ideas have helped many businesses see their dreams become reality.

We have years of experience with Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), and we make sure to utilize all of the industry’s latest technologies to aid in the design process.

With hundreds of active clients, our scope spans across the United States. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit. We help them grow, sustain and transform: whatever it takes to realize their full potential.

We’re organized around each client relationship. Client needs, expectations and strategy provide the context for every project we carry out together. Whatever their size, wherever our clients need us, we’re set up to deliver.

Rapids CFSP Foodservice Consultants

Great commercial kitchen design is dependent on a complete and thorough understanding of client needs and challenges. Rapids foodservice consultants would never start the design process without first having a lengthy two-way interview with our client.

Rapids Contract & Design understands that you have a unique concept in mind and need our CFSP-certified foodservice consultants to bring your vision and business goals to fruition while simultaneously optimizing functionality and efficiency in a commercial kitchen design that fits within your budget.

Rapids foodservice consultants take into consideration your location, floor plan size and space, equipment needs, menu, budget, and vision. We identify challenges and provide solutions. The Rapids team includes your project manager, LEED-certified interior designers, CFSP-certified consultants, architects, and general contractors. To ensure that time schedules and budgets are maintained, the Rapids team will manage and coordinate all aspects of the installation.

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3D Design Rendering

Rapids Contract & Design foodservice consultants have the talent and technology to provide our customers with 3D renderings of our designs to help our customers visualize the space before work begins. By teaming up with Rapids for your next construction project, restaurant redesign, or commercial kitchen and cafeteria remodel, you can rest assured that Rapids Contract & Design’s foodservice consulting firm will turn your vision into reality.

This video illustrates how we were able to take the original concept from a customer and create a 3D tour of the space to bring life to our line drawings. A presentation including this technology was a tremendous benefit for the client, who in turn became comfortable enough to begin the construction ahead of schedule. Consider the benefit of confidence in every stage of your next project.

Design Services

Labor Efficient Design Skills
Design Consulting
Space Planning (equipment, floor plan)
Product Selection
Special Conditions Plan
Engineer Drawings (walk-in refrigeration, exhaust hoods)

Consultation Services

Budget Estimations
Vendor Knowledge
Product Sourcing
Factory Direct Purchasing
CFSP Designated Professionals on Staff
Rough-In Drawings (electrical, plumbing, duct)

Equipment Manufacturer Endorsement

I have worked in the foodservice industry for twenty plus years. I have worked with many types of people during my foodservice journey. Luke Green is just as his title states, a specialist. With Walk-ins being the largest part of a kitchen in most kitchens, it takes a special talent to make it all work. Luke and I have worked closely together over the years to create some of the best kitchens in the industry. Luke has the knowledge and understanding of the customer’s needs to make the transition from paper to product a seamless process. He works with our customer’s on a daily bases to bring our product a reality for most that would not even know the Kolpak name/brand. His attention to detail when it pertains to quote requests and drawings surpass many of his peers in the industry. I have worked with Luke’s peers and he has assisted with projects that was not his to run. His knowledge and training allow him to jump into any situation and keep both the customer and the OM out of hot water. One situation comes to mind when in this line of thinking. We had a customer that was not sure about a project outlining multiple walk-ins on site. The floor application was not certain and with Luke’s design skills, we worked together to work out the logistics and requirements to not only be an affordable option for the customer but work in line with what our manufacturing capabilities would be to work best to accommodate the customer’s needs. Luke has saved not only time but money to both his customers and our company by bringing ideas to the table before it becomes an issue. I continue to respect Luke and Rapids for the job well done. I look forward to more opportunities with Luke in the future.

Marsh Lee
Manager Sales Engineer – Kolpak/Welbilt