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Opening or redesigning a restaurant, bar, or grill involves a lot of moving parts. When you come to Rapids Contract and Design, you can rest some of those responsibilities on our experienced shoulders. From LEED-certified interior design that could qualify you for a tax credit to project management that extends to all vendors, permit officials, and contractors, Rapids will provide you with comprehensive design services that will cover all of the essentials.

Food Prep – Providing proper spaces for washing, cutting, and mixing will help immensely when your kitchen is busy and confusing. Rapids will help you find ways to keep this space organized and efficient.

Cooking – The variety of your menu can play an important role in what cooking equipment you need. If you plan to offer a very set menu with few options, having adaptable equipment isn’t quite as important as if you plan to change up your menu frequently. Rapids always makes sure to include flexibility in their design, so you can change certain aspects with ease.

Storage – Placing your storage near your food preparation area is usually the ideal setup, as it minimizes excess movement and makes it easy for your staff to work quickly. Using your menu and preparation process, Rapids will help you create the storage space that will work best in your circumstance.

Service – No matter what kind of service you offer – delivery, counter, table, buffet, etc., it’s important that this be taken into account when designing your establishment. Restaurants that have a buffet will want to place it in an easy-to-navigate part of the dining area, while those who just offer counter service or delivery may not want to put much into the dining area at all. Rapids can provide all of the commercial-quality furniture you need to design just the right atmosphere.

Bar design is also available.

Cleaning – An inefficient dishwashing area can hold up the entire facility. Don’t let your restaurant run out of silverware halfway through your busiest time – let Rapids create a streamlined area for you.

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