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Professional Energy Audits

Here at Rapids, we have a committed team highly motivated to reduce energy consumption. We do this for the good of the environment and to save you money in your overall operational expense budget. We will look at your current facility energy consumption and provide recommendations for equipment and design modifications that bring long term operational costs down. Our energy audits provide detailed alternatives and realized cost savings that have made an impact with many of our customers.

What is Energy Star Certified? 

How do I earn an

energy star appliance tax credit?

Energy Star Certification

Rapids is an Energy Star Partner as authorized and approved by Energy Star. Our foodservice professionals can assist with meeting LEED requirements on your project and specifying ENERGY STAR rated products. We are the experts at addressing life cycle costs and have successfully value-engineered numerous projects, saving our customers both initial start-up and ongoing operational expenses.

Energy Star Certification

Manufacturers must stop using using R134a and R404a hydroflourocarbon refrigerants by January 1, 2020








Department of Energy
United States Environmental Protection Agency