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Our Mission: Delivering Excellence in Every Moment

Our mission statement here at Rapids is to “Deliver Excellence in Every Moment.” In order to do that, we have five company values that every employee strives to emulate in every interaction with customers (both internal and external) that serve as “pillars” to our mission statement, holding it up and ensuring we can provide a superior experience. This statement and the values that uphold it were decided upon as a company through a series of customer service training sessions, in which employees determined which values they felt were most important in Delivering Excellence in Every Moment.

To encourage and recognize the presence of these values at Rapids, we have implemented a system in which employees can nominate each other for stellar interactions with either an external customer, or with another co-worker. Every month, the management team chooses a person from these nominations who has best embodied one of our Five Pillars of Excellence. This person is awarded a prize, and will be entered into voting that takes place at the end of the year. The winner of this voting will be awarded a grand prize of cash. In addition to this, the people who are doing the nominating also have a chance to win prizes. Each quarter, a nominator is randomly selected to receive a gift card. This rewards the people who take the time to make sure their co-workers get the recognition they deserve.

Below, you can find brief explanations of each of our values, as well as pages featuring each of our monthly winners. If these values make you want to work at Rapids, check out our employment opportunities!

Our Pillars of Excellence Are:

I will be Personally Accountable – Pushing problems onto other people may be the easiest course of action, but it also means that the problem will take longer to be addressed. Whether or not something was your mistake, taking responsibility and helping to find or create a solution is the Rapids response.

I will be Honest – Sometimes, telling a hard truth is necessary to get through an issue with a customer or coworker. It is also vital that we are upfront with our customers and vendors, as that is the way to build lasting and productive relationships.

I will be a Problem Solver – A crucial aspect of working at Rapids is efficiently resolving any complications that may arise with the customer in mind. Speaking of which…

I will put the Customer First – If you have the opportunity to go above and beyond for the customer, do it.

I will Mind My Ping – The main focus behind this value is to put your best foot forward in every situation. We all understand that people can sometimes have bad days, but it is important that you limit the amount this influences your interactions with customers as much as possible.

Our Monthly DEEM Winners

Please take a look at some of the associates who were honored by their peers for illustrating one or more of ours pillars of customer service. Click on a listing below to find out more about their achievement.

Kaltuma Ahmed – DEEM Winner August 2022

Delivering Excellence in Every MomentAugust 2022Kaltuma Ahmed Retail Store Sales AssociateNominator: Tony Mills For: Putting the Customer First "The owner of Coney Island in St Paul called to let me know that Kaltuma was a delight to work with in the store." LET'S...

Dan Gorbatjuk – DEEM Winner July 2022

Delivering Excellence in Every MomentJuly 2022Dan Gorbatjuk Warranty & Claims SpecialistNominator: Tom Roberts For: Being Personally Accountable "Well, it happened! I have finally come screen to screen with Dan. All this time, people have gushed about how much...

Lisa Pfeiffer – DEEM Winner June 2022

Delivering Excellence in Every MomentJune 2022Lisa Pfeiffer Parts Manager at StarNominator: Miki Blair For: Putting the Customer First "I had a last minute rush request to get an order out for one of the outside sales team members right around 330pm. After processing,...

Jason Wutzke – DEEM Winner May 2022

Delivering Excellence in Every MomentMay 2022Jason Wutzke Warehouse Supervisor In charge of the warehouse of the Rapids Wholesale Marion facility and its staff. He supervises the inventory, making sure items are stocked and they reach their destinations on time when...


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Get in touch with one of our experts and let us know how we can help with any of your foodservice needs.

Talk to one of our experts right away and get immediate assistance. We are open Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm CST.

Get in touch with one of our experts and let us know how we can help with any of your foodservice needs.

Talk to one of our experts right away and get immediate assistance. We are open Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm CST.