Fast Food, Fast Casual, Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) Operations Design Consultation

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Fast food/fast casual restaurants represent a unique sector of the foodservice industry. Don’t settle for a design consultation company that will treat your restaurant like any other – come to Rapids, where you can rest assured your QSR’s uniqueness will be acknowledged during the each design/planning stage.

Comprehensive Quick-Service Restaurant Design Services

Effective Design Consultation – Cutting corners in the initial design process can cost you in the long run. Customers expect to get their food quickly, and having a design that takes every step of your process (from order to final food pickup) into consideration makes delivering upon this expectation much easier.

Concept Development for QSRs – Make your fast food or fast casual restaurant stand out while still incorporating the elements necessary for the efficiency and ease of use customers so value.

Fast Casual Restaurant Project Coordination/Management – The professionals at Rapids have experience working with fast casual chains like Pita Pit, Zombie Burger, Panera, Mellow Mushroom, and more. This experience has provided us with a vast knowledge base from which to pull when working with equipment vendors, permitting officials, and construction contractors to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.

CADD/Schematic Design for Fast Food Establishments – Don’t wait to see what your QSR will look like – Rapids can provide you with drawings and a 3-D walkthrough of your future place of business!

QSR Site Feasibility Studies – Cross worrying about the location of your fast food place off your list. Rapids will scout out your potential locations and provide you with information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

Logo and Other Branding Consultation for Quick-Service Restaurants – When done properly, branding and graphics can really bring your design together. Work with Rapids to create a theme that you can integrate into every aspect of your business for an experience your customer will love!

Beer System Design/Consultation – Interested in incorporating beer into your setup? Rapids can help you implement and install a beer system that will complement the rest of your design!

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