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ARapids Contract and Design we understand that your bar or brewpub redesign has been your obsession for awhile now. Making your vision into a reality is all you dream about. You’ve spent hours thinking about layout, agonizing over creating a bar design that is simultaneously functional and beautiful. You want a brewpub that attracts customers as well as makes it easy for you to serve award-winning, flavorful craft beer and food.

Rapids Contract and Design is a consulting firm that has over 80 years of design experience in the commercial beer and bar industry. Rapids actually invented the first ever direct draw beer dispenser used in commercial bars in 1936. Eighty-some years later, the beer service consultants at Rapids Contract and Design still lead the way in innovative brewpub, bar, and beer system designs.

Executing Your Bar Design And Draft Beer Delivery System

The Rapids Contract and Design consulting firm utilizes its years of experience in the food service and bar industry to serve your needs and assist you with all aspects of your operation. From consulting on the basics of your bar concept to project management and delivery on full installations, the Rapids team will be there for you every step of the way.

Rapids Contract and Design Bar & Beer Pub Consulting Services

  • Concept Development For Bars, Pubs, Brewery – Rapids Contract and Bar Design will appraise and evaluate your concept for your bar, brewery, or beer pub and offer constructive solutions to refine your concept for success.
  • Site Feasibility Studies For Restaurants & Bars – Rapids Contract researches site locations for your new bar or brewery to identify problems or strengths.
  • Branding, Graphics, & Logo Design Consulting For Your Bar or Pub – Rapids Contract and Design can consult on a branding look and implement this into the overall design of your bar.
  • CADD and Schematic Design For Your Bar – Rapids Contract and Design will deliver drawings and a three-dimensional walk through of your bar, brewery, or beer pub design. Rapids Contract and Bar Design will also provide the drawings, schematics, and documentation necessary for local permitting and construction.
  • Interior Design Consulting For Your Bar, Brewery, or Beer Pub – The Rapids Contract and Design team are renowned for designing outstanding hospitality environments that incorporate concept, branding, functionality, and sustainability through LEED design. Based on your bar concept and budget, the design team at Rapids Consulting will source furniture, fixtures, and art, as well as provide installation management.
  • Draft Beer System Consulting & Design: Based on client concept and needs, Rapids Consulting and Design will engineer the optimum beer delivery system for your project. The Rapids team has the experience to design, implement, and install the beer delivery system that will work best for your bar – whether you need a long draw system pulling from a keg cooler at a distance from your bar or a direct draw draft beer system. Rapids has over 80 years of experience designing the perfect beer dispensing system for your bar, brewery, or pub.
  • Food and Bar Equipment Management: The Rapids team will source, implement, and install all equipment needed for your kitchen and bar based on site and budget.
  • Project Management and Coordination: Every bar, brewery, or pub design project at Rapids has a team leader that will coordinate and oversee the consulting and design process as well as coordinate with all equipment vendors, construction contractors, and permitting officials to ensure construction and bar design concept compliance.

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