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In many areas of the United States, hotels are a dime a dozen. Standing out from the crowd, then, is an essential component to attracting guests.

One of the ways you can increase the draw of your hotel is by offering food – whether in a hotel restaurant or through a continental breakfast. Guests will love the convenience of not having to venture out to find a meal after a long day on the road or just after getting up on the morning.

When you come to Rapids to design your hotel restaurant or continental breakfast serving and dining area, you can rest assured we will consider all the necessary variables – including location, equipment needs, menu, budget, floor plan, and your vision – to create a space that will encourage customers to choose your hotel as their temporary home.

Hotel Restaurant Design

Rapids can provide both kitchen layout and dining area interior design services to create a hotel restaurant that satisfies guests’ comfort needs as well as their stomachs.

You will even be able to see your restaurant’s design before the project begins using Rapids’ 3D rendering services. It will bring your restaurant to life and let you easily visualize the final product.

Interested in saving money? Our interior designer is certified in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program (LEED) and can help you save money on expenses and qualify for tax credits.

Continental Breakfast and Dining Area Implementation

With the wrong design, setting and cleaning up a continental breakfast every day can be frustrating and inefficient. Work with Rapids to build an area that is optimized for easy preparation and customer flow. We can also provide assistance in laying out and furnishing your dining area so customers will be able to move comfortably through the room and still feel a sense of privacy while they eat.

Rapids will be there with you from start (a lengthy two-way interview where we uncover your dream and ensure we can meet your needs) to finish. We will handle the coordination of all aspects of the project, including other vendors, contractors, and more, as well as handle equipment and smallwares fulfillment.

Don’t let your restaurant or dining area feel like a last-minute addition to your hotel – get in touch with Rapids today!

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