Pacific Catch

Walnut Creek, California

Design & Project Management

This project was initiated in early summer of 2017 with Pacific Catch looking to combine the benefits of several Rapids & Affiliates companies to help them realize a better complete investment in their equipment package. They had worked with Rapids’ affiliated company, Chain Restaurant Solutions, for a time before inquiring about a partnership on the design/build portion of their projects. This  gave them the opportunity to learn the customer-focused nature of the Rapids & Affiliate companies’ approach to partnering with their multi-unit customers.

Rapids was originally brought into the project after preliminary designs for the space had been completed. After being engaged by our client, Pacific Catch, we worked collaboratively to identify opportunities for improvement to the preliminary layout that improved overall budget, operational effectiveness, and energy efficiency. Through this process, Rapids identified substantial cost reducing measures for the initial capital investment required for the package, as well long term operational cost reductions using more efficient equipment obtained through our Rapids Wholesale affiliate.

After having finalized the design, Rapids’ project management and design teams worked closely with the architect and general contractor for this project to ensure that all utility and construction coordination was managed proactively to avoid costly modifications at the end of the project.

As construction proceeded and time came to install the kitchen equipment package, the project management team from Rapids utilized its nationwide network of qualified installers and subcontractors to deliver, install, and start up the entire kitchen equipment package for our client.

Facility Management

QR-encoded Asset Tag

Upon completion, Rapids worked to ensure that all assets in the kitchen package had Chain Restaurant Solutions asset tags placed on them so that they were ready to be operated and maintained through the CRS ChainBase portal. This system now allows the team at Pacific Catch to dispatch service to the right piece of equipment every time and make sure that leadership team has visibility as to how their equipment is performing. Through use of either the CRS web portal or the newly launched CRS tablet allocated to each store, managers can now dispatch service through the simple scanning of the asset tag on the piece of equipment having issues. Once the dispatch is created, Rapids’ affiliate company, Chain Restaurant Solutions, can ensure that the diagnosis of the issue, the associated repair, and any associated charges are accurate, clear, and efficiently processed.

By utilizing the Rapids & Affliates multi unit solution, Pacific Catch can focus on delivering their incredible fine dining experience with a “west coast style” without compromise!

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