Heidi Ostberg - Contract & Design Specialist

How long have you been with Rapids?
Since 2017

What was your favorite project? Why?
In my previous experience, my favorite project that I have worked on is McKinney Roe in Minneapolis, MN. I enjoyed collaborating with the team to develop the layout and work with Shea Design & Zeman construction to effectively coordinate the details.

What was your most challenging project? Why?
In my previous experience, Caribou Coffee/Einstein Brothers Bagel’s Co-Branded prototype has probably been my most challenging project(s) in my career thus far.

What was your solution?
These projects’ prototypical design had no ‘final’ solution per say. Being a proactive member of their external team to make suggestions and persistently find solutions for updates and problems as they arose for each cobranded store they designed and constructed is what I was determined to do in order to keep each respective project on track.

Name some of your other previous projects.
As a Design Specialist in my past experience, being a part of the team for McKinney Roe (Minneapolis), Target Corporate HQ (Brooklyn Center), NMDP/Be the Match (Minneapolis), Betty Danger’s (Minneapolis), Victor’s on Water (Excelsior), Caribou Coffee/Einstein Bagels Chain (Multiple Locations), and Famous Toastery Francise (Multiple Locations) to name a few.

What do you like to do on a Sunday afternoon?
In a perfect world our Sunday afternoon would be quiet, relaxing yet productive. My husband, Alex, and I have twin 1-year old boys that take up 99.9% of our time and energy, therefore we don’t have quiet and relaxation back in our lives yet but it has been exhilarating watching them grow and develop. I wouldn’t trade them for all of the quiet, relaxing Sundays in the world. The other .1% would be spent building our dream home on the countryside that we started this year (2017) – Needless to say the house project is moving slow as we have a lot going on with the twins.

If we gave you next week off, what would you do with your time?
If I was given the week off I would be at home enjoying watching our boys grow up because every week is something new and exciting and flies by way too fast.

What was your last “oh my god this is perfect” meal?
Prime Rib, hands down my favorite, enough said. I’m simple (don’t ask Alex this though, he may give you a different answer).

What is your best dish?
My best dish is Herb & Garlic Parmesan Chicken smothered in a delicious creamy tomato sauce and served with seasoned baby red potatoes and steamed veggies on the side.

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