Linn-Mar High School

Marion, Iowa

This project was a high-school cafeteria remodel completed September 2016 in Marion, IA.

This complete commercial kitchen and cafeteria remodel project was led by Luke Green, Rapids’ own DSR of the Month.  He stated there was an immediate need to provide a more efficient service line. Prior to the renovation, students were waiting up to 25 minutes to get through the line leaving them only 5 minutes in their 1/2-hour lunch periods to actually sit down and eat.

As a result of this renovation, the cook staff was delighted to see that on the very first day of service, and with the largest group of students, the service time was reduced to just 10 minutes; less than half the original service time. Since the re-opening, the service times have continued to improve. Clever design to accommodate traffic patterns and new, more powerful and efficient equipment have provided the students at Linn-Mar the opportunity to actually relax and enjoy their meals.

Linn-Mar Renovation Video

Before Renovation

After Renovation

Linn-Mar Cafeteria Renovation Photo Gallery

Linn-Mar Renovation Customer Follow-Up Interview