Michael Rea - Branch Manager - Burlington, NC

How long have you been with Rapids?

Since 1995.

What was your favorite project? Why?

Hilton Garden in Charlotte because it opened the door to design a better kitchen for future HGI properties.

What was your most challenging project? Why?

Hyatt Place in Durham NC. They had several issues with the installation of equipment.

What was your solution?

We solved their problem by working with the construction company, the install team, and the owner.

Name some of the projects you’ve worked on.

  • U S Mobile Kitchens cooking trailer for their Grand Canyon project.
  • Embassy Suites Hotel in Charlotte.
  • Hilton Garden Inn in Hickory NC.
  • The Reserve Club in Aiken SC.
  • Hilton Garden in Asheville NC
  • A new layout for a Latino grocery store

What do you like to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Work in the yard or watch sports on tv.

If we gave you next week off, what would you do with your time?

Work on some repair projects needed at our lake house.

What is your best dish?

Shrimp Creole.

Phone: 336-230-1878  x206

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