Benefits of Working with a ServSafe Certified Professional

Food safety is a crucial element for any establishment that serves food or drink. It protects both your employees and customers, as being exposed to rotten or contaminated food can risk the health of everyone involved. It can also contribute to the success of your business, as very little ruins the reputation of a restaurant faster than food that makes the customers sick.

ServSafe is a program designed to provide business owners (and everyone else associated with their restaurant or bar) with the tools they need to ensure they are using the most up-to-date and effective food safety practices. It teaches the importance of food safety, as well as the best food preparation practices, cleaning and sanitizing methods, storage techniques, cooking processes, and more.

When you choose to work with Rapids, you will have access to design professionals who are ServSafe-certified. This is important for several reasons:

Designers who are ServSafe-certified will incorporate the best food safety practices into your layout.

If your kitchen isn’t set up with food safety processes in mind, putting them into effect can be significantly harder. While not all food safety practices will apply to every establishment, having features such as a separate area for meat handling or a warming station to keep food at the proper temperature before it is served if you need them can make a considerable difference.

Rapids will recommend equipment and smallwares that will make food safety guidelines as easy to implement as possible.

Depending on your menu, as well as the health codes of your area, you may be required to use NSF-rated equipment for certain aspects of your workflow, such as refrigeration, warewashing, storage, and more.

Rapids thinks this certification is so important, even some of our marketing team has taken (and passed!) the course! Some of the Rapids contract and design specialists with this certification are below:

Angie Haberer, CFSP II

Angie Haberer, CFSP II

Account Manager

Learn more about what Angie can bring to your redesign.

Jason Wacker, CFSP

Jason Wacker, CFSP

Contract & Design Specialist

Find out more about how working with Jason can benefit your business.

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