Dexter PROTOUR™ Visits Rapids!

Staying on top of the best products and vendors for our customers isn’t always easy, so we at Rapids Contract & Design love when our vendors take the initiative and bring the information to us!

Dexter-Russell’s PROTOUR™ mobile education center provided us with an engaging presentation on how Dexter is one of the leaders when it comes to cutlery.

Their acronym for the advantages they offer is perfect for the foodservice industry: CHEF.

  • C is for Chemicals and refers to their proprietary stainless steel mix that promotes sharpness and corrosion-resistance.
  • H is for the Heat Treatment that shrinks the grains in the knife, allowing for superior sharpness and increased longevity.
  • is for the number of Edge options, from straight to duo to scalloped to serrated. Each is best used for a different purpose, and it’s easy to choose which will be best for you.
  • is for Flexibility, more specifically, targeted flexibility. Dexter designs their cutlery so it bends where they want it to, something that ensures the cutlery will snap back and retain its shape afterwards.

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We also learned a little about knife sharpening from Chef Ryan!

Check out the VR 360 tour of the inside of the van!

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