Save Money by Purchasing EnergyStar Qualified Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

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You can save big with EnergyStar approved appliances.

When upgrading your current kitchen equipment, purchasing an EnergyStar-rated replacement is definitely worth considering. These products have been certified by the EPA for their contributions to a cleaner environment – they use both less water and less energy than non-EnergyStar models. For a restaurant owner, this means savings.

Some of these savings are of course attributed to the equipment’s energy- and water-efficiency. Improvements such as more accurate thermostatic control and better temperature uniformity reduce the amount of energy used, which results in a smaller bill for you. According to the EPA, your lifetime savings can be as high as $68,000.


EnergyStar Utilities Rebates

Another way you can save is through incentives. In most cases, your EnergyStar purchase may qualify your organization for substantial discounts and rebates through your local or municipal utilities. Rebates on larger units (for example, a combi oven) can be as high as $1,000 per cavity! To make incentives like this easily accessible, the EPA offers a rebate finder that provides you with special offers in your area. Although this rebate finder is a great place to start, we highly recommend you reach out to your local utilities to find the most up-to-date information. There is a chance they may have a program in place that may not be currently listed on the website.

Purchasing an EnergyStar-rated piece of kitchen equipment is just the start. The EPA has an ENERGY STAR Small Business Network that can help you create a plan for optimizing your savings. Although the exact amount you will be able to save depends on the type of business and final savings plan, cost reductions of 25 percent or higher are typical. Imagine what you could do with that money!

Learn more about how you can upgrade your kitchen and save today by contacting Rapids Contract & Design.

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In this screenshot from alone, nearly $2500 in rebates are available.

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