The Vollrath Experience Tour


If you weren’t able to make it to the Vollrath Experience Tour, never fear – we took notes (and photos)!

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Did You Know?

  • Vollrath makes slicing meat simpler and more ergonomic with slicers that have a non-stick surface and are set at a 35 degree angle.
  • To provide you with more accurate temperature control, their induction soup well uses an induction coil and three temperature checkpoints. These checkpoints constantly monitor the temperature in your pot, comparing the results to both the set temperature and to the temperature of the other points. If they find that the temperature is uneven in your pot, it will pop up a little spoon notification to tell you to stir. This method of temperature control is so accurate, Vollrath warmed queso in one for three days, and the queso was in the exact same condition (no burning or crusting) on the third day as it was on the first!
  • A quartz heating element is used in Vollrath conveyor toasters, which means that it will be using less energy during your downtimes (saving you money), but will still heat up quickly when you need it.
  • Vollrath’s custom serving systems include carts, kiosks, serving lines, and retail merchandising units.
  • Another product restaurant owners will love (especially if they are short on space), is Vollrath’s hot cold drop-in. You can switch the well from hot to cold with just a flip of a switch in about an hour.
  • Accurate temperature control is definitely a theme in this tour – induction drop-ins allow for more precise adjustments, and the contact point is round to prevent it from popping off when you are sliding your pan in.
  • Super pans cost the same whether or not they are induction-ready.
  • Eliminate worry about accidental spills with a dry well – they use an exposed element to create the heat, and are completely sealed.

Check out our VR 360° coverage! (it’s bigger on the inside)

If you have those fancy VR headsets for your phone, pop those on! Otherwise you can look around with a mouse.

Here is our Vollrath Truck Album!

For your viewing pleasure.

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