Delivering Excellence in Every Moment
October 2018

Matt Guillien

Account Executive

Communicates with potential Star Foodservice Equipment customers by phone or in person, answering questions and selling products and services.

Nominator: Joe Schmitt

For: Putting the Customer First

Matt worked on a challenging project that included a much broader scope than we typically would provide. The customer told us at the original meeting they were interested in a turnkey solution to their need for a larger walkin floral cooler. Matt was diligent about coordinating times with the customer to get electricians, concrete contractors, refrigeration installers and get multiple quotes for the customer. Matt was fully prepared to present the quote to the customer and provided great detail on what he was going to provide as part of our quote that was actually over the customers budget. The customer understood every detail of the quote and felt like they had the information required to make an educated decision. The customer was very impressed with Matts honest courteous professional attitude and told me that when Matt and I met to present our proposal. Going to the point of comparing a professional complete quote to the one the “other guys” provided.”

Words from our Vice President, Eric Schmitt:

BIG MONTH for Matt! Not only was he selected as the DEEM winner for the month but he and his wife welcomed their first child! Sometimes the times we are the most pressed are the times that truly help us shine. Matt is no exception in his nomination. Being “newer” to the sales roll puts on an added challenge when you are asked to put together a proposal for one of the more technically challenging requests that someone might come across. But being “new” or “less experienced” isn’t something that we should use as a crutch, rather it should be an opportunity to breathe new life into the client-vendor relationship. Matt did not shy away from this opportunity because it involved so much complexity, rather, he embraced the challenge and used it as a chance to grow as a solutions provider for his clients. Many times, we are faced with what may appear on the surface to be a challenge beyond our abilities. The reality is, however, that no challenge is too far for a truly great team. This win is not only a reflection on Matt but on the entire Rapids & Affiliates team who heard Matt’s request for insight. We all do this every day for our peers and we should not forget that “Putting the Customer First” is not only for our external but also our internal business. Great work, Matt, taking on this challenge and bringing your team to bare in making a complete and effective proposal to a client!


For his win, Matt will be securing a “Mind Your Ping” t-shirt and entered into our Year End Employee of the Year voting. Thanks again, Matt, and all of the incredible Rapids & Affiliates team for the work you do every day to Deliver Excellence in Every Moment!

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