Cameo Restaurant

Rochester, Minnesota

Rapids entered this project after the initial design had already been completed. Due to the subpar work of the original consultant and the health and plumbing requirements that needed to be met, the team at Rapids ended up reworking a lot of the plans. The final result? An extremely happy customer!

Project Highlights:

  • Display kitchen includes a counter where customers can sit and enjoy a full dining experience. To keep the look clean and simple, a recessed hand sink that chased plumbing and venting through the counter/cabinet to a chaseway against an existing column was added to the original design. Another tactic used to improve the appearance was an overshelf that housed all of the electrical cords.
  • Wine Display Room that houses more than 160 bottles.
  • Furniture selection and interior element layout allowed for maximized walkways.
  • Complete bar layout redesign, including craft cocktail stations.