Loras Cafe

This project is a dining center at its core but also had to function as a circulation path for students.  The goal was to redefine campus dining options to create an  atmosphere that would invite students  to defined sections for menu.  The final product is a dynamic venue featuring stations for breakfast, grill pizza/pasta, salad/soup, desserts, beverages, made to order, the most popular home comfort foods and specialty menus.

Café had to achieve usage on multiple times- from morning to late at night. The bar being open late at night and the multiple stations open for meal times only.

Primary design challenge was to relocate the dish room from the center of the space to the side. The new space achieved a clear drop off for dirty dishes with recycling to helping with college labor costs. Moving of the dish room opened  the entire space bringing on an entirely different feeling to the college dining experience.

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