Delivering Excellence in Every Moment
June 2018

Tom Roberts

Contract & Design Specialist

Rapids Contract and Design specialists have the capabilities, experience and resources to handle any individual or supply project from concept to implementation, and they work with the customer every step of the way.
In Tom’s own words: “I heartily attempt to create a positive client experience through knowledgeable research, expedited fact finding and courteous and helpful responses. All mixed with a touch of humor!”

Nominator: Tony Mills

For: Being a Problem Solver

Tom was able to coordinate the architect, GC, glazer, Eagle, and the client on the implications of the placement of a shelf necessary to the operation that would impact the glass wall proposed for the design. Tom was calm and efficient, creating a solution before a problem occurred. He did this when every party said the others work was incompatible with their part of the project. It was also a solution Tom’s leader could not see.”

Words from our Vice President, Eric Schmitt:

I have heard from many customers across our businesses that the other companies that they have used have often walked away or buried their head in the sand on difficult issues which left that customer wondering where the value was in their investment in their vendor. Our business is filled with low cost providers moving equipment with the ultimate goal of simply selling a piece of equipment. What makes and should always make Rapids different is that we have a singular and game changing goal of Delivering Excellence in Every  Moment. The challenging moments are more critical than any of the rest as they truly demonstrate why our clients choose us. Tom’s ability to recognize and issue, identify the key stakeholders, coordinate their efforts, and ultimately find a solution is something that many dealers would say “isn’t my responsibility”. Tom demonstrated that taking the lead can pave the way for a vital conversation we all have to keep in front of our customers and that is the conversation of VALUE. Remember the experiences that have made you loyal to your mechanic, your dentist, your dry cleaner, your handy man. Was it that they could get a part quickly or always sell you at the lowest price? Or was a big part of it that this partner heard you and worked with you to find a solution that matched both your budget and your needs. Be a problem solver for your customers both inside and outside of the company and it will pay huge dividends!


For his win, Tom will be securing one of the fantastic “Mind Your Ping” t-shirts and entered into our Year End Employee of the Year voting. Thanks again, Tom, and all of the incredible Rapids team for the work you do every day to Deliver Excellence in Every Moment.

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