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As many restaurant owners find out when they order additional plates or bowls for their establishment, there’s more than one shade of off-white. And to make matters worse, these shades aren’t always consistently named throughout the tableware industry.

Put an end to second-guessing by working with International Tableware, Inc. (ITI). ITI has several different off-white body colors for their dinnerware, including Bright White, European White, and American White. These colors are not the result of a pre-fire glaze – instead, they are the simply the color the clay becomes when it’s fired. This makes it easy to provide the same color every time (within acceptable industry standard variations).

This also makes it easy for them to offer a number of accessory dishes that can fit into any collection that shares that body color, allowing you to create a china collection that more adequately meets the needs of your bar or restaurant.

Explore all of the ITI tableware options available on Rapids Wholesale today!

International Tableware China in American White

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