Union Depot Bar & Grill

St. Paul, Minnesota

Preserving Historical Significance through Innovative Kitchen Design

The Union Depot Bar & Grill is a complete commercial kitchen and dining room remodel located in the historic Union Depot in downtown St. Paul. The kitchen was renovated to accommodate expanded service to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, it was expanded to facilitate their catering operation that can accommodate up to 800 people.

Many challenges were faced to properly provide a functional kitchen for the staff while observing the building codes required to have the building still be listed among those of historical significance. Equipment was selected that was either vent-free or channeled through a sophisticated pollution control unit that funnels it out of the back of the building. Thus preserving the  structural integrity and original design of the building.

Even paint schemes and the original ticket counters were preserved in the design, making this one of the most beautiful historic depots left standing in the U.S. Only now the space is also a draw for parties, special gatherings, and dining out.

Design Challenges with Historic Buildings | Tony Mills

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Union Depot Specialized Pollution Control Unit

Configured into the commercial kitchen hood system for channeling exhaust through the back of the building preserving it’s status as an official historic building. Also visible is the long draw glycol unit that keeps the beer cold from the walk-in to the beer tower at the bar.

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