Miki Blair- Director of Contract Management

How long have you been with Rapids?

Since 2001.

What was your favorite project? Why?

Since I get to help with coordinating projects for outside sales, I have to say they are all my favorite. Gotta treat them like children…You cant have a favorite otherwise the others get their feelings hurt. We have a great outside sales staff, and they are all great to work with. Respectful of my time and input and patient and understanding when needed.

What do you like to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Sunday afternoon is my time to relax and regroup; get ready for the week to come. Some Sundays I have play time with my grandson, others I get together with some friends and we go to a movie.

If we gave you next week off, what would you do with your time?

Spend time with my parents.

What was your last “oh my god this is perfect” meal?

Basically any meal that I don’t have to cook can fall into this category.

What is your best dish?

Breakfast. If I have to cook, I enjoy making breakfast meals. Breakfast burritos and a tater tot casserole are actually requested by my family.

Phone: 319-373-7295

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