Troy Little - CFSP II, Director of National Accounts

How long have you been with Rapids?

Since 2006.

What was your favorite project? Why?

My favorite project was with Mellow Mushroom. The owner was great to work with and developed a friendship above and beyond business. The design and the concept of this particular location was very unique and incorporated a vast amount of art and design.

What was your most challenging project? Why? What was your solution?

The most challenging project for me was a local hospital kitchen remodel. This hospital was one of the first to go fryer-less. We designed the kitchen and installed (7) new combi ovens. But do to the hardness and quality of water, the ovens started having issues.

What was your solution?

Through lots of research, time & conversation, we had (6) new combi ovens and (1) new steamer sent and installed. To resolve any future problems, we had a very extensive water filtration system installed.

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

  • Mercy Medical Center
  • Pita Pit
  • Teddy’s Bigger Burgers
  • 800 Degrees
  • Crumbs Bakery
  • Top Dawg Tavern
  • Army Reserve Centers
  • New Pioneer Coop
  • Babeths Feast
  • Umami Burgers
  • Click Stop
  • Keystone
  • Principal Financial Corp.
  • Soltura
  • Saw Leaf
  • Bowlmor
  • New Facility for Marion Public Service
  • New Top Dawg Location
  • US Embassy in Niamey & Port Moresby

What do you like to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Spend time with my kids camping & fishing.

If we gave you next week off, what would you do with your time?

Rent a cabin on a lake in the middle of nowhere, boat, fish, and just relax.

What was your last “oh my god this is perfect” meal?

Ribeye steak with griddled veggies.

What is your best dish?

Mac N Cheese, at least that’s what my kids tell me!!!

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